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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VN048 Olive Jones and Marilyn Hankin, Graessers Salicylates, Sandycroft;Shotton Steam Laundry, Shotton;Sandycroft Dry Cleaners, Sandycroft

Olive worked in the laundry straight from school, beginning by ironing small things and then going onto bigger items like shirts, she did this the whole time she was there, 1928-1994, in total 66 years. It was an interesting job, quite varied, but could be dangerous because of the hot steam coming out of the machines. She said : “When I come eighty, I said that’s enough! And that was it, wasn’t it? I left then.” Her daughter Marilyn did shop work before going into the pharmaceutical factory in 1964 where she stayed until 1970 packing aspirins and other drugs. She said : “It was something you had to do, and you worked to live. You worked so you could live, and look forward to your week ends. While you were in work it was ok. You work with a lot of women your own age, but as soon as you come home, you left work at work, it was your home life then. Once you finished at five o’clock that was it until the next day.” She left after five years to become a house wife and raise her children.