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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VSW067 Mirandy (Mandy) Jones, Davies Steel, Pembroke Dock;Pembroke Woollen Company, Pembroke Dock

Mandy left school at 15 (1969) and soon started in the woollen factory. Very noisy room with looms, but moved to the mending room. About 100 working there – like a family. She had to take bobbles out of the fabric. She stayed there 6 months – the noise was too constant. The rough fabric gave her sore fingers. Moved to Davies Steel because of better wages - £15, which was a man’s wage. She washed the blades of roller skates with oil and punched the name of the company on them. Could buy roller skates cut price. Very smart ‘ladies’ there. Chemicals in the factory. Occasional sing songs. New boys told to fetch a sky hook. Older workers addressed as Mr and Mrs. After a year the factory closed. You had to be tough to work there. She learned social and practical skills there.