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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VSW053 Meiryl James, Milk Marketing Board Creamery, Felinfach

Meiryl was 19 when she left school and she started working in the laboratory in the factory in 1957 – until 1968 (when she became pregnant). She mentions the overalls and the acid burns on them and on skin. She describes testing the milk and the smell of the milk from the different farms. The factory had to be open all year round. They had a lot of fun and she would compose verses for the Christmas party. She bought a car after 5 years and went to eisteddfodau. She won the Sydney Foster prize. She describes the problems in hot weather. They attended one another’s weddings to form a ‘guard of honour’.
Wedding of one of creamery workers in Mydroilyn and guard of honour.The girls of the Felinfach Creamery laboratory,  c. 1960Meiryl James and friend testing milk on the 'deck' at the Felinfach Creamery, c.1959